Peter Shoulder's Solo Album - Feathers And Rain

We are really pleased to announce The Union's lead singer/guitarist Peter Shoulder has his debut solo album 'Feathers And Rain' exclusively available to order now.

We have a Limited Edition signed CD album version available exclusively now just click here to buy and hear the track 'It Never Rains

To record the album Peter retreated to the Welsh countryside in the summer of 2013 to record a batch of songs he'd been working on in his spare time, produced by Peter and Nick Brine, this heartfelt and mellow record is a collection of songs Peter feels is his strongest and best work to-date.

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The album's track listing is below:

1. Even in blue skies
2. Chasing a ghost
3. It never rains
4. Dying on the vine
5. Man overboard
6. Soldier, soldier
7. Unsteady ground
8. Dirty hands
9. Two of a kind
10. I'm still here